Earn upto $1 million by reporting a bug – Apple.

Are you a bug hunter? Well, there is some really amazing news for you! Apple just updated the rewards for its bug bounty program. You now have a chance to win an amount worth $1 Million (7 crore)!

As Apple is known for its security and privacy in their OS, either it’s IOS or MAC OS. They want to keep their product security as good as possible! Earlier Apple has the maximum reward for its bug bounty program $200,000. But they recently announced that:-

Apple will now pay up to $1 million to security researchers who can find a bug in their IOS, WatchOS, TvOS, MAC OS.

Details on Bug Bounty program.

  • The full $1 million will go to researchers who can find a hack of the kernel—the core of iOS—with zero clicks required by the iPhone owner.
  • $500,000 will be given to those who can find a “network attack requiring no user interaction.”
  • Apple’s bug bounty program is not just applicable for finding security vulnerabilities in the iOS mobile operating system, but also covers all of its operating systems, including macOS, watchOS, tvOS, iPadOS, and iCloud.
  • From next year, Apple will also provide pre-jailbroken iPhones to a selection of trusted security researchers as part of the iOS Security Research Device Program.

apple bug bounty rates

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