IP address for location? MYTH-Busted!

IP address location?

An IP address is a set of numbers…

Basically 4 octets of binary

As soon as you turn on your data connection…💡

Your ISP provides an IP address to your phone

Which is only valid for a specific amount of time  🍃

Means as soon as you turn off your data connection and then turn it on again…

You will be assigned with a new IP address

To understand this properly💡

Let’s dig out the things from a very base level…


At very first (i am taking an example of real-life scenario)

Any ISP provider lets assume JIO for now… 🍃

JIO contacts NIR (search in google for more info on NIR)


Yes, so JIO contacts NIR and let’s say buy 50,000 IP addresses…


Now if anyone who is using JIO turns on his\her data connection

JIO assigns an IP address to the device…..


And as soon as you turn off your data connection… That IP address is released…


💡 That’s why IP address cannot be used for location tracking{ “IP address location” – MYTH BUSTED!} 💡

Ip address does not have any location property

You might have seen some websites who claim to provide a location on the basis of IP address…


What they do is that…

They provide the location of the IP address provider.


In the above case, these websites will show the location of any JIO center who has provided that IP to you

You might also have seen in movies that the police uses the IP address to get to the criminal…

In that case… 😎  🍃

Police checks that who has provided that IP


So as JIO has provided the IP 💡

They ask JIO to provide the info about whom they have provided the specific IP at the desired time.

So they hand over all the details they have about the person to whom they provided the IP address. 🍃

Author:-  Innovative noob 💡

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