Top Cyber Security Certifications!

If you are interested in Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking and will to establish your career in this field. Yeah, you should know about all the Cyber Security Certifications which will help you to prove your knowledge and skills!


🛡Top Cyber Security Certifications!🛡

💎CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker):- 

Most probably you must be knowing about this one. One of the most overrated Cyber Security Certifications. 

This certification course is provided by the EC Council, It has a well-defined syllabus which is provided on their website. 

If you apply for this, the EC council will provide you a dedicated course and at the end, there will be an examination. And if you pass the exam you will be provided the Certified Ethical Hacker Certificate.

There are many companies worldwide where they hire hackers by the name of CEH. Especially in INDIA.

It is an entry level certificate. You will be provided with all the tutorials and books to study.

The reason I said its overrated is that you will not gain enough practical experience. And also it’s a little costly.

Chris Sanders, Information security author, consultant, and instructor. once said that:- 💡

” I teach several cyber security courses and have also been responsible for hiring security practitioners at multiple levels including the DoD and at Mandiant.

The value of any certification is in its ability to prove knowledge. Unfortunately, the CEH does not effectively prove knowledge. It primarily relies on the ability to memorize specific tools and vocabulary, but that is about it. The DoD allows CEH to fill certain skill requirements and I’ve witnessed several people study simple 10-page crash course guides and pass the test with no trouble. These same people were not entirely successful in their jobs.

Simply put, when I review resumes I put no weight in the Cyber Security Certifications such as CEH as a way to demonstrate competency. “



It is an organization that provides various entry-level Cyber Security Certificates.

Like:- CompTIA A+ , CompTIA Network+ ,  CompTIA Security+ etc.

If you want to start your career these certifications are really good!


According to CompTIA: “IT professionals with certifications on their resume command better jobs, earn higher salaries and have more doors open to new multi-industry opportunities. The average salary for a CompTIA A+ certified tech in 2015 was $50,364, according to a ComputerWorld salary survey.” Now that’s what the stats say, let’s fact check that against real jobs being offered right now. As of February 2018 the “Desktop Support Technician” job at was advertised at $47,000


💎CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate):- 

This is also an entry level Cyber Security Certifications. Still a bit more difficult than the Cyber Security Certifications listed above. Here you will deal with Cisco equipment and proprietary technologies, it gives one a fairly good idea about how networking works as a whole. 

 It covers how to install, configure and troubleshoot and operate simple-routed LAN, routed WAN and switched LAN and LAN networks on routers and switches, TCP\IP, OSI Model . There are a lot of things coming under CCNA like Routing and switching, security, voice and some more.

The best thing about thus course there is no specific degree is required to do this course. If you are a graduate one you can join this course.


💎OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional):-

This is a much better certification than the other Cyber Security Certifications mentioned above. The Syllabus is almost same but here you will get Hands-on Experience! And much more practical knowledge.

Its examination is also much different from others. 

The exam is conducted as a live 24-hour testing exam, where we will be provided with a virtual environment and there we need to find as many bugs as possible. The more we find bugs, the more our score will be! And if we cross the passing score will get an OSCP CERTIFICATE.

This Cyber Security Certification complements a mandatory training course called Penetration Testing with Kali Linux. You should be able to write scripts and tools for penetration testing, bypass firewalls with tunneling techniques, identify and exploit web application vulnerabilities like XSS and SQL injection, and conduct attacks from the client side and remotely. Many of these topics will be covered in the class, but most people agree that going in with solid experience in Linux and TCP/IP is a must.

Exam Requirements 💡

This certification is hands on. In other words, you can’t obtain it without passing an intense practical challenge.

For the exam, you’ll be granted access to an unfamiliar network and given 24 hours to prove that you’ve completed a given set of penetration tests, successfully penetrated systems and correctly documented your progress. Most students find out how they performed within three days of completing the test.


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💎CISSP(Certified Information System Security Professional):-

This is the Top-most level of Cyber Security Certifications you can get in the field of Cyber Security. Also, it is the most difficult certification of all.

CISSP covers a huge range of topics in Information Security. It also requires 5 years of paid work experience and a current CISSP as a sponsor before you can take the exam. You can’t just cram for it and get it. It’s an advanced level certification with 250 questions and they are very, very hard.

What can we expect from CISSP?

In this course, students learn about the environment, network, security, and logically related to crimes and security that are similar to cyber crimes and security. Large and reputable organizations are working hard to make their information safe and secured. For this purpose, they are not hiring random IT experts. Rather they are recruiting certified information security professionals who are dependable because they have practiced a lot and can deal with unnecessary situations easily. Certified information security professional are paid higher than the rest practitioners. 💡


It requires a good amount of knowledge to pass! And a vast syllabus. If you pass this exam you almost conquered the world!

A CISSP can easily get 50L package easily (in fact 1 cr in the UK).


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